My Psychologically Abusive Relationship

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. From 2016-2018, I was in a psychologically and sexually abusive relationship. I became depressed, and eventually suicidal, and have been struggling with my mental health ever since. Regardless, this is not a sob story. I just wish I’d had something like this to read atContinue reading “My Psychologically Abusive Relationship”

Carole Baskin: The People’s Hero – not a savage

Why must it be that men are always socially excused from the worst crimes, more so than women from their mediocre ones? In twitter polls asking who is the most hated character of all the ‘Tiger King’ gang, Carole Baskin somehow always comes out at number 1, while petitions for her nemesis Joe Exotic’s exonerationContinue reading “Carole Baskin: The People’s Hero – not a savage”