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Spiritual Discovery

This latest lockdown for many has been a time of disconnection and misery; for others, it’s been a time of reflection and self-discovery.  For me, it’s been a pretty mixed bag. But, one thing for which I’m grateful that has arisen from yet another extended period of social isolation is my transition from being reallyContinue reading “Spiritual Discovery”

Losing Hearing

I’ve had hearing problems my whole life. Though most children contract ear infections and have burst ear drums, in the majority of cases, these issues pass with time as the ear heals itself. I never had the advantage of being of the fortunate many in this regard: once my ear drums burst, they stayed burst,Continue reading “Losing Hearing”

Gender dysphoria: one woman’s understanding of a complex and not yet fully understood state

Gender dysphoria (GD) – typically characterised by clinically significant distress concerning mismatch between one’s biological sex and their perception of their own gender – is often overlooked in both LGBTQI+ and mainstream cultures. This is most likely due to great confusion surrounding what it is – confusion that persists even within gender specialists’ circles; afterContinue reading “Gender dysphoria: one woman’s understanding of a complex and not yet fully understood state”

George Floyd

It seems so stupid and frivolous to be writing about boyfriends and identity right now (that’s what my latest post was going to be on). It’s such a privilege to be most concerned by the question of “Who am I?”, when people are being so heinously persecuted in the US right now because of theirContinue reading “George Floyd”

‘Normal People’: normal effects of abnormally detrimental parenting

In a recent conversation I had with a loved one, I heard him utter the words: “A shitty upbringing will not affect the person you will become; I have so many successful friends who reached that point who still came from a questionable beginning”. ‘Normal People’ on BBC iPlayer proves exactly how this is notContinue reading “‘Normal People’: normal effects of abnormally detrimental parenting”

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