George Floyd

It seems so stupid and frivolous to be writing about boyfriends and identity right now (that’s what my latest post was going to be on). It’s such a privilege to be most concerned by the question of “Who am I?”, when people are being so heinously persecuted in the US right now because of their blackness.

It feels as though Racist America’s been waiting for the level of fallout that’s happening as a result of George Floyd’s murder for a while. They’ve been waiting for the excuse to activate ‘purge mode’, targeting black people only. And what better time for this than during a pandemic, when it feels like the world’s ending anyway, hey?

Sound dramatic? It’s not. Only those who are blind to their own ignorance can’t see the disparity between trump’s response to white folks protesting – with GUNS – their right to get haircuts during Covid-19 (???), and his response to black people – and allies – peacefully protesting their right to live, and live without having to fear for their lives. Without being pulled over by cops without reason and shot. Without being invaded in their own homes by cops and shot. Without having to explain to their kids, at far too young an age, EXACTLY what it means to be Black in America.

compare and contrast: trump’s tweet on white riots on haircuts, vs trump’s tweet on black riots over BLM (@nathaliebear_)

It’d be phenomenal to know when certain white people are going to start viewing black people as human. Because clearly that’s not happening right now. When a man has to beg and plead and say how he “can’t breathe” so many times when he’s already outnumbered 4:1, in handcuffs and on his belly, you already know this is only happening for sport. Floyd was an animal to them. As easy to them as stepping on an ant. Just look at their damn police badges: the star you see from its centre is the same star as the that used to identify officers of the slave patrol: the plantation police. You cannot tell me that racism doesn’t burn at the core of the US police force.

compare: the plantation police badge vs the current US police badge (@__RoseRed)

There’s also something disgustingly wrong with a system wherein officers require a mere 8 weeks of training to thoroughly understand and enforce – with arms – the law in such a racist society. Compare this with lawyers, who train for 7 years before their own understanding of the law and how it should be enforced is deemed adequate. Police in the US are granted far too much power, with far too small an understanding on their part for what this really means.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all police officers are inherently evil. But as the saying goes, if there’re 10 ‘bad’ cops for every 1000 ‘good’ cops who exercise silence when they witness wrongdoings, that doesn’t make for 10 ‘bad’ cops. That accounts for 1,010 rotten officers, and none of them should have the right to wear their badge.

In this system where police are indicted in fewer than 1% of their killings, and 69% black victims of US police brutality were unarmed and suspected of non-violent crimes, change to the system is desperately needed. Those who commit heinous crimes need to be held to accountability, no matter their social standing and how high up their friends are.

Please sign any petition you see calling for the murder trials of Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Alexander Keung. It isn’t good enough to be apolitical in this situation, or to restrict your activism to virtue signalling on social media. Links to petitions and an email template to send to Hennepin County below.

The officers in question have been fired, but they have yet to be charged.

Hennepin County email:

To whom this may concern,

My name is INSERT NAME and I am a student at INSERT UNIVERSITY OR PROFESSION based in the UK. I am writing to you regarding the death of George Floyd.

I strongly urge you to prosecute the officers involved – Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Thou Thao, and J. Alexander Kueng – to the fullest extent of the law and without reservation. George Floyd was arrested under an implied and non-violent crime, with bystanders claiming that he did not resist arrest. He should not have been murdered. George Floyd deserved to live.

The actions of these officers (specifically, the action of one officer, and the inaction/passivity of the other three) resulted in the unjust murder of George Floyd, and as such, these officers should be subjected to due judicial proceeding.

I urge you to seek justice for George Floyd with the highest priority.

Black lives matter.



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