Carole Baskin: The People’s Hero – not a savage

Why must it be that men are always socially excused from the worst crimes, more so than women from their mediocre ones?

In twitter polls asking who is the most hated character of all the ‘Tiger King’ gang, Carole Baskin somehow always comes out at number 1, while petitions for her nemesis Joe Exotic’s exoneration have already been created. Why? Quite possibly because we’re so damn desensitised to men getting away with murder (pun intended!), that the minute it arises that a woman has possibly done something a little wayward in the same vein as her male counterpart, we all immediately leap to totally dehumanise her.

If it’s proof you want, then baby, oh baby: ‘Tiger King’ is our perfect case study.

Take Joe Exotic: a convicted felon charged with 2 counts of murder-for-hire, and 17 counts of animal cruelty – guilty also of manipulating and marrying much younger men, exploiting one’s meth addiction to this end. Imogen’s verdict: despicable.

Next, we have Doc Antle: a cult leader who preyed on virginal women forced to sleep with him to evade a night’s sleep in roach-infested horse stalls. Imogen’s verdict: undoubtedly vile.

Now, we see Carole Baskin: an animal rights CEO who may – or may not – have murdered her millionaire husband who she married when he was 42 and she was a tender 19, desperate to escape her abusive first marriage. Imogen’s postulation: vigilante icon or ‘just got lucky’?

Say we entertained for a second that Carole Baskin really did kill that man. That same man who dated and two years later married and impregnated a 12-year-old at the age of 15, and who picked up our Ms. Baskin – while himself still married – at a time of extreme vulnerability for her. Do I hear the cries of ‘nonce’? For such an act of heroism, Ms. Baskin must surely deserve a medal from any community anti paedophilia, or a pat on the back at the very least.

Even this justification for murder via Don Lewis’ noncery aside, men having been getting away with murder themselves since the beginning of time: O. J. Simpson and Richard James Herrin to name but a few. It’d only be fair to allow a little balance to be restored to the universe, no?

If you do disagree, perhaps then you belong to that demographic of the population that so nonsensically defends millionaires’ and billionaires’ accumulation of excessive wealth against any individual who seeks to attack them. In which case, it may do you some good to remember that you’re statistically infinitely closer to joining the third of London kids living under the relative poverty line than you are to ever reaching your first million or billion – that is, unless you plan on drug dealing or starting up your OnlyFans account any time soon.

On the flipside, Ms. Baskin’s guilt is not proven; nor is Lewis’ disappearance uniquely wayward. In fact, there are dozens of famed people who just went missing: Harold Holt and Amelia Earhart in particular spring to mind. Sure, some of such cases may be unsolved murders; however, also plausible is they just got sick of their normie lifestyle and thus abandoned civil society. Some years ago, a perfectly regular family friend opted for this route, estranging his wife, son, and dog, in favour of life as a monk. If this previously standard UK citizen can be seduced by such a way of solitude of quiet, it truly shouldn’t be deemed inconceivable that any other individual – Carole Baskin’s husband included – could want the same.

Now, should you still be convinced that Carole Baskin ought to be the most vilified ‘Tiger King’ participant, then my best wishes to you and for your lifestyle; I can only assume it is ridden with meth-addicted men, underage girls, and caged endangered animals. It would be a shame for any one of those animals to escape.

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